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Team Augmentation: What No One Is Talking About

Everyone has been there. You and your team are working on a development project and encountering the same stumbling blocks. Although everyone involved in the project is highly competent, you still lack the essential abilities to bring your product to market. 

This is where team augmentation comes in.

as one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to your process. Team augmentation can help you connect with top talent in surrounding nations. These individuals frequently have similar cultural values and reside in comparable time zones, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

For example, team augmentation in Latin America has gained popularity among US organizations. Brazil presently leads the Latin American outsourced marketing industry, valued at $731 million in 2019. Furthermore, more businesses are beginning to outsource, and the IT industry is predicted to grow 7.7 percent between 2020 and 2027.

If you’ve never employed software staff augmentation before, here’s a list of some of the most important benefits this procedure may provide. By adding valuable employees to your team, you may complete your development process and deliver your product to market faster. Here are ways that team augmentation may help you improve and speed up your software development process:

Comply with Scalability Requirements

scale with team augmentation

As you work on a project, the scale issue appears to loom over you. Depending on the project’s magnitude, hiring local IT workers may not be financially feasible. Experienced firms make it simple to find external expertise to supplement your present IT staff. Software team augmentation is an excellent approach to increasing your team and successfully managing your workload.

Locate Specific Skill Sets

team augmentation skill


Finding the proper person may be challenging, especially in a competitive profession like IT. Outsourcing has grown in popularity as a way for businesses to add critical talents to their projects. You may identify particular needs and discover employees who excel at those jobs through team augmentation.

Cut Expenses

reduce cost


Staffing is typically less expensive than recruiting local personnel. While it is impossible to forecast how much money you will save during the development process, many businesses (70 percent) have made cost reduction their primary outsourcing goal.

Increase Productivity

increase team augmentation

The correct team can streamline your process and propose options you may not have considered earlier. Because you have complete control over your project, you can ensure that external staff works and follows your established processes. You may optimize the software development life cycle by assembling the correct team members (SDLC). Rather than attempting to fix your difficulties in-house, consider bringing in outside aid to help you enhance productivity and get closer to your goals.

Form a Super team

team augmentation

Adding team members who already have the necessary abilities to your project saves the time required for current team members to learn the knowledge needed to finish your project. While you will need to invest time onboarding these new staff, you will save a lot of time during the development process since you will have added the talents required to execute the project.

When should a team augmentation Model Be Used?

Make sure that this model is appropriate for your project to get the most out of team augmentation. Here are some examples of when it may be a suitable solution for your company:

  • Team augmentation is ideal when you have a short-term project and need to make a deadline or start some more projects, but your team isn’t yet available, or your company is experiencing seasonal demand spikes.
  • When getting specialist abilities in your field is challenging, your project needs specialized knowledge.
  • Some organizations use team augmentation to reduce product time-to-market, swiftly produce a minimum viable product, establish a startup, better fulfill consumer expectations, and in other circumstances.
  • Businesses can employ team augmentation services to test several software development organizations to find the ideal partner for a long-term collaboration.

Project Outsourcing vs. Team Augmentation

The primary distinction between team augmentation and project outsourcing is who is in charge of making decisions and project management. The client is in command of the software development team under the team augmentation model. While project outsourcing, the customer delegated project development to a software development partner.

Project outsourcing may be a better fit for your software development project than employee augmentation if:

Your firm has no IT department; you want to avoid managing software development teams and unload your in-house team so they may focus on crucial business responsibilities.


When a company considers developing a business application or requires additional assistance with an existing project, they frequently choose a team augmentation strategy. It enables them to increase the capabilities of an in-house staff while lowering operating costs in the organization. Meanwhile, other businesses use this outsourcing approach to establish their company strategies or to access an endless pool of top software development expertise for their projects. The team augmentation approach gives businesses several chances to boost project and in-house team productivity.