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Remote Developers

We provide dedicated developers that work full-time for your organization availing the offices and infrastructure of The Hexaa ecosystem

The Hexaa lays great emphasis on generating value and creating digital opulence for our clientele by strategically aligning them with our remote team. Fundamentally, we specialize in providing a flexible, exceptionally skilled Developer(s) working with your team. 

If your need is a complete team, our development team will be accompanied by a top-notch quality assurance engineer and a senior project manager for goal oriented and streamlined execution of your product. We at The Hexaa are well versed in transformational and globalization challenges. Therefore, our Remote Resource Service stands as the apex for Software and IT companies worldwide.

Our Core Competencies:


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Increase Employee Retention

Hiring remote developers will dramatically increase retention rates and Employee Loyalty. When one of your top performers leaves the company, you’ll need to spend significant time, money, and resources to hire and train a replacement. One tactic developed by Hexaa is that we can provide you with a developer which will not cost you time and money.


Project Management

The Hexaa’s software engineering skills and proven Agile DevOps processes with continuous testing and feedback integrated into the development framework allow you to accelerate your software development cycle to enable faster


Enhance productivity

The Hexaa eliminates your HR relates Hassles and troubles. We adhere to all industry standards, Best Practices, and state-of-the art methodologies in acquiring talent, post-acquisition, we incessantly ensure employee empowerment, employee motivation, and Job Satisfaction. In a nutshell, we are always coming forward with breakthrough ideas to enhance team productivity on your behalf.
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Hiring the right talent has always been troublesome for Software & IT companies worldwide ‘The Hexaa’, with its uniquely designed talent acquisition process, makes it unequivocal for you to have the “Best of the lot” with a significant difference in the costs in comparison to in-house hiring.

Minimal Development Risks

Our engineers who are experts in various niche technologies and domains, enable you to eliminate any development risks, including budget constraints, delivery, and delays, etc. Outsourcing your software development to us enables you to focus on your business while we take care of your software development end to-end.


The Hexaa utilizes a wide range of technologies, frameworks, programming languages, and tools to deliver cutting-edge,
high-quality, and easily scalable solutions for our customers worldwide.

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What makes us different?

We are an IT solutions company that brings craftsmanship, strong individual values, and togetherness under one roof. Our professional team is well-equipped with all the latest digital tools, which make it easy for us to innovate.

In a world of noise, we establish a loud voice for your brand. We will take your idea and turn it into reality. Attention-grabbing is our forte. Let’s make a website that will drive sales and help people live luxury lives.