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7 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content 

7 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content

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Human creativity and resourcefulness has some limitations; but the ability to recycle and reuse has practically no bounds. In this golden age of information, using a work of creativity only once for a selected audience is counterproductive and to fair, unjust with your abilities. Coming up with new ideas and stuff to broadcast the same context can be very time-consuming and painstaking. It might not be a bad idea to repurpose the old content and make it more productive than ever by the additional attention it gains.

So, whether you’re tired of that writer’s block hindering your abilities to come up with new content for your product or thinking of any productive way to reuse previously-crafted content to get the most out of it, this article will explore some of the ways to enhance your efficiency and make you able to get more value from the content that has been occupying space in your computer for a long time now.

1) Make an Article out of it

an image of a pen writing on a notepadThe Internet is populated by lots of article-sites that have a huge subscription base such as Medium, which attract a large number of readers. A lot of old content from other places can be edited, made SEO-compatible, filled with relevant images and placed in articles. This is a productive way for branding the same content for a new audience, because of the fact that an article site is a very suitable place for publishing ideas because of its ease of usage and reader-friendly nature, hence making communication very smooth.

2) Create Social Media Content

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Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help posting images, posts and videos very easily. Additionally, Facebook pages and Twitter handles have great potential for reaching out to an audience larger than any other means. This option can be availed for repurposing content in the form of posts, tweets and Instagram stories. All one needs is to use keywords and make hashtags in the post for reaching a higher level of exposure. In addition, posts are shareable on social media, with each share spreading the content to one’s followers.

3) Run Online Marketing Campaigns

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Online advertisement has grown rapidly over the past few years; once an unplanned endeavor, advertisement services now use smart algorithms and AI-powered strategies to engage target audiences on the basis of their browsing activity and credentials. For powering such advertisement engines, old content can be used to create visually stimulating advertisements that can be delivered to consumers via email campaigns or social media advertisements. An ideal advertisement content would require a combination of text and graphic designing to gain attention, for which previously-used content can be repurposed.

4) Identify Relevant Niches Online 

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There are specific places on the Internet for people intending to look for certain content, where old content can be posted in the form of text posts or as images. For example, popular internet websites like Reddit, Tumblr, 4chan and Quora have certain subsections for like-minded people searching guidance regarding different topics. Here, old shelved content can be used to create posts and explain the topics of the content in a more informal setting, making an explanatory post and even offering answers to frequent queries in comments. In addition, the same content makes good appearance in blogging websites as guest blog posts, with each blog catering to a distinct audience, increasing the reach of the same content to different population sets.

5) Make an Infographic Video  

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The Internet sees huge amounts of traffic on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. One can easily convert the old content into an animation or an infographics video, explaining the content using visual and audio cues and helping people understand the nature of the subject. Videos are very meaningful as a means of communication and making one out of old content is not only a good method of repurposing content but also ensures a substantial spread of the information throughout the world. Such videos are public, shareable and free to watch, making them the easiest way of broadcasting content. In addition, not only is an eye-catching infographics video interesting to watch but also increase the subscription base for the publisher.

6) Start a Podcast

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The old content can also be repurposed in the form of audio blogging content i.e. podcasts. Such a podcast can be used as an advertisement, an introductory passage for a product and even as a means of answering misconceptions and questions about the nature of the content. Podcasters gather millions of subscribers on their platform and are, for the most part, free to listen to. This allows everyone with an Internet connection to be able to access podcasting services, making them a very good destination for old content.

7) Publish in the Form of a Study 

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Combining a little amount of research and inquiry, old content can be used to form analytical studies regarding its effectiveness, response of the target audience and overall impact of the content. This data can be used to bring content back to usefulness by compilation of the observations and publishing them in the form of a cohesive study looking into the implications of the content in retrospective.