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Talking Method

Talking Method is a digital academy that offers online private English conversation classes to users from all over the world.


Create a web application platform including payment integration and booking management.

  • Tech Stack

    Laravel, ReactJs, AWS S3, React Native, EC2

Location: Spain

What We Did:

Since the UI/UX designs were provided to us by a Spanish Design team, we started with the requirements engineering and prototyping.


We first started with their business requirements to map out the functionalities and wrote down user stories and use cases followed by use case diagrams. Since this was a new challenge for us, once the functionalities were noted down, we started with the workflow and research on possible pitfalls.

A big challenge realized early was the daylight savings. Since this platform is international, the bookings are made from a different time zone to a different time zone while the admin reviewing the bookings was location in another time zone. Now the problem arises when countries start/remove observing daylight savings i.e. they add/remove 1 hour to the time zone. The complexity arises due to the fact that some countries don’t observe DST while those that do, implement at different dates to each other. We could make all the bookings at UTC +0 but since many of the bookings were made in advance, the best solution was to create an intelligent algorithm that looks up the user’s DST status and figures out when it will be changed to reflect that within the customized calendar panel.

Within 6 months of time, we are able to successfully launch the application. With Calendar syncing, intelligent booking system, multi-payment gateways, multi-currency, multi-lingual system, social login, and many exciting features, talking method is definitely an amazing platform.

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Soon after its launch, Talking method has been complimented as a revolutionary solution for connecting people worldwide and helping them learn the language in an exciting way. With a steady growth in user base monthly, Talking method is already an interest by many Venture capitalists worldwide.

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