Members Platform (G-members) is a gaming platform that lets user win exceptional gifts via one-to-one games.


To create a platform with custom games as well as E-Sports system to allow users to play against each other.

  • Tech Stack

    Laravel, ReactJs, AWS S3, React Native, EC2

At The Hexaa, we created the whole solution including:

What We Did:

Our goal was to create a platform capable of managing hundreds of thousands of users at the same time through hundreds of games, and external systems. The biggest challenge hence was to create a highly scalable system right from the beginning.

Due to time constraints we had to map out the functionalities within a week’s time and start 4 parallel development.


By setting up multiple teams dedicated to specific parts of the system e.g. the front-end, APIs, Architecture, Games, Payment & Transactions, we are able to implement the MVP in a minimal time.


After launching in Japan and India, the stakeholders have been able to secure massive funding hence able to plan many innovative ideas within the platform including cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs, and Machine Learning.

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