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Load Bundle

 Load Bundle is a platform to capture user data seamlessly and share it with organizations with smart charts and analytics.

Create a web application platform for custom data capture by companies

Location: United Kingdom

What We Did:

From the initial requirements gathering to complete execution, The Hexaa built the custom front-end website with customizable CMS, and Admin panel, Scalable database setup, and Customer panel which includes packages and specific role-based limitations and practices.

Since the platform majorly deals with User Data, security is one of the most important aspects. Hence, we implemented Encryption of the data so the data is always saved on the load-bundle.com servers.

Next important consideration was data crunching and displaying data in a meaningful way to the companies which will help them make decisions.

With customizable forms, scalable architecture, data-encryption, intelligent analytics, customizable packages, customizable CMS, and system automation along with many features, Load-bundle is a very formidable entry in the data capturing eco-space.

load bundle app
load bundle app
load bundle app


With the completion of the MVP, the load-bundle stakeholders are ready for a production rollout with custom payment integrations and more intelligent forms, along with a beautiful UI revamp.

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