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Data Trades

DataTrades is a leading Forex Trading consultancy in the Netherlands that provides insights and signals to all its customers. With forex and crypto experts all under one roof, DataTrades continues to offer reliable, accurate, and valid objective analysis of the market trends and also trains people how to read the market themselves.

To establish the mobile applications of otherwise instagram-based solution that had been implemented

The Hexaa mapped out a holistic business plan which included:

What We Did:

One of the challenging parts was to implement 3rd party registration services and connect them to us so a uniform API approach for a one-time signup was the key to implementing it.

A suggestion given by The Hexaa, which was highly appreciated, was to implement free and VIP courses systems including video courses for users to better understand the signals and the market.

data trades new account panel
data trades app ui
data trades app


With the launching of the mobile applications, the DataTrades platform has been a huge success with over 10,000+ users. The application

is under a mega restructure and redesigning with The Hexaa

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