How to Enhance Focus as a Remote Worker

How to Enhance Focus as a Remote Worker

How to Enhance Focus as a Remote Worker

an image of a woman in her home focused on her laptop to signify the importance of focus as a remote worker

As the world adjusts to the growing trend of remote work “focus” becomes the determining factor in today’s competitive world. We all are blessed with the same seven days a week, the same 24 hours a day, but people who are successful today are not the ones who work the hardest, they are the ones who can place their full focus in the minimum minutes of their job. No matter the magnitude of your dream, whether it be as small as enhancing your productivity or as big as buying your dream house, it all depends on how focused you are on that particular dream and how badly you want it.

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you have got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas there are. You have to pick carefully“- Steve jobs.

Today, as remote work becomes the norm it is essential to emphasize that focus is not only the ability to concentrate on a particular task without getting interrupted, but it is a set of separate components that need to be successfully handled.

The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s. A recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2021. It is reported that goldfish have a 9-second attention span. Over the years, this attention span has shrunk because of our global connectivity and also the reality that the brain is continually looking for something new.

You must be able to fight every distraction and deploy your efforts to maintain complete focus as a remote worker. Only your good management will allow you to win the war on distraction and ace the utter power of concentration. Below are a few ways to enhance your focus and creativity as a remote worker so that you can carry out all your tasks with no distress.

1) Train your brain:

an image of a man tapping his head to signify the importance of training your brain

When it comes to improving your concentration, think of your mind as a muscle. In fact, the similarities between nutrifying and strengthening body and your mind are so similar that there is no such example on the internet to defy the fact. Both your physical muscles and your concentration ‘muscles’ have a finite amount of stamina, and these muscles will either deteriorate from inactivity or improve actively with purposeful exercise. Take a break and time to relax, and let your brain to breathe for a while. Try to strengthen your mind gradually.

When you decide to reach your dream body figure but are at ground zero, the big mistake you can make is getting yourself into an intense fitness regimen. It Is evident that you’re going to end up hurt, exhausted, or worse. Similarly, you can’t expect your brain to get it’s focus and creativity back in one day. It is always better to divide your goal into small sections and work on it gradually.

Suppose your goal is to work for 45 minutes straight without any distraction. For starters, it is advised to work for 20 minutes by focusing on your goal and then taking small breaks. When you’re happy with the set-up, you should concentrate on lengthening your concentration sessions a little while shortening your break.

2) Work on your sleep pattern:

an image of a remote worker sleeping to signify the importance of managing sleep pattern

Sleep deficiency can quickly mess with your focus, including other cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. Not having a decent night’s sleep daily will affect your mood and work performance. Working all day and getting exhausted slows down your body which affects your daily routine. Many researchers prescribe that taking 8-10 hours of sleep is compulsory for every adult.

3) Work on your will power:

an image of a woman standing with her arms crossed looking upwards with two muscular arms drawn on the wall behind her to signify working on your will power

Our commitment to doing work and willpower are intimately connected. Will helps one to disregard disturbances while remaining focused on the job actively. In order to improve your willpower, you need to strive for a change. The task however, is not so easy. The key is to be consistent without losing hope. Do not stress yourself over unlimited tasks, always focus on one goal at a time by making it more clear and concise.

4) Try to Meditate:

an image of a man meditating to signify the importance of meditating as a remote worker

Not only does meditation help you to stay focused, relaxed, and controlled; a study has also proven that meditation can dramatically improve your mental capacity.

In one research, 140 people took part in an 8-week mediation training program. After eight weeks of meditation, research participants mentioned that they feel more motivated and focused. The attention span and other cognitive functions of participants showed impressive improvement.

5) Change your diet:

an image of a woman pushing away donuts and fried chicken with her left hand as she holds a green apple in her right hand to signify the importance of a healthy diet

The food you eat can influence mental abilities, such as attention and concentration. Intake of fast food, too many sugars and oily food can affect your attention span as it makes you feel lousy. Try to add proteins (fish, chicken, eggs and salmon), fruits (apple, blueberries, grapefruit, etc.) and dry fruits.


As mentioned, it takes time and effort to master your focus. Our brains are still not developed enough to encounter daily life calamities. However, by ensuring that the brain is fully fueled and activated by following the above techniques, you can work on yourself and enhance your focus as a remote worker.