5 Highly Successful Pakistani Tech Startups

5 Highly Successful Pakistani Tech Startups

5 Highly Successful Pakistani Tech Startups

an image of the Pakistani flag surrounded by a technical circle with technical lines in the background to signify tech startups in Pakistan

They say the best venture a person can undergo in his life is forming a startup. Startups are an important way of thriving in a market where competition and consumer experiences drive the ground value of a company based on how well it is managed and how better it is from its contenders in the race of providing consistency in services. The beauty of forming a startup is that no matter how different or unpopular the idea is, if it is a good one, it can make all the difference in the world.

Pakistan is a developing ground for nascent startups to take their first breath and flourish at a high pace. Although started recently, the process of building a startup in Pakistan has become easier over the years, with more and more Pakistani entrepreneurs making their ideas become materialized. 2020 proved to be a particularly good year for doing so: the pandemic limited human movement and restricted contact with one another, thus making services in the accord necessary. During this time various services have developed at a rapid pace, and some, with adequate help of enabling statute laws, have become million-dollar ventures looking forward to spread their wingspan to other regions also. In this article, we’ll look at some of these successful Pakistani startups.

1) Daraz.pk

an image of the daraz.pk logo

Daraz.pk is the local Amazon and the kingpin of local e-commerce: the company was established with the motive of developing a supply chain system in the country that lacked the access of foreign delivery systems such as Amazon and Alibaba. Although started from humble beginnings, Daraz.pk has grown exponentially over the years making itself the biggest online retail service in Pakistan.

Surfing the Daraz.pk online store, one can find a range of similar products in hundreds, with the facility of comparing them and scheduling the buying to a later time. In addition, the company provides the service of online payments and even payment by cash on the doorstep. The website and the app allow users to review and recommend products, making sure that each product is verified and trusted by previous buyers.

2) PakWheels

an image of the pakwheels.com logo

PakWheels is a representative of the new age of automotive business in Pakistan that is aided and fueled by technology. Founded by Sunil Manj among others, PakWheels is the biggest automotive business enterprise that is working in Pakistan. The biggest difference that PakWheels makes in the automotive business is the dealing of used cars. At PakWheels, one can surf through the endless count of used cars each of which is verified and given a score by PakWheels based on its condition. This is especially beneficial for customers who want to buy a used car but lack experience of finding a good one at a suitable value.

In addition, the company also runs its motor workshops and garages that provide top-notch repairing and detailing services for the car. Also, one cannot forget the car reviews that PakWheels makes for every new car on the market.

3) The Hexaa

an image of the hexaa logo

The Hexaa is a company based in Lahore, Pakistan working to provide excellent services tech-related services in the country and even to other foreign grounds. In fact, The Hexaa is a marker of the tech boom that Pakistan is having at its own pace for the last few years. The company was established as a software house that provided services for fulfilling the domestic software needs of the city, however, in a few years, the venture has grown up to provide services such as web and app designing, interface development, online security systems, development of AI-powered computer systems and services related to crypto-commerce and Blockchain.

The company now flaunts a wingspan that reaches regions outside Pakistan and the Middle East, and is planning to further increase its bounds.

4) Cheetay

an image of the cheetay logo

Imagine the Foodpanda food delivery service, but with a Pakistani twist: Cheetay is a startup that has grown immensely popular in Pakistan within a few years. Cheetay App has an extensive online network that registers hotels and restaurants and allows consumers to order their food from the online service without having to contact the actual hotels. The agile system of food delivery ensures that the best quality meals reach the doorstep at a very reasonable cost. In addition, various deals and offers on food add to the customer experience.

5. Bykea

an image of the Bykea logo

A Pakistani ride hailing service and parcel delivery company based in Karachi, Pakistan. Bykea was founded in 2016 by Muneeb Maayr, who is also the co-founder of Daraz.pk. Bykea enables a crowd sourced network of motorbike owners to transport people, parcels, on-demand shopping and payments within a city. In a short span of 6 years the company has grown to expand their operational network across three major Pakistani cities, those being Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi.