4 Ways A.I. Helps Businesses Improve Brand Image

4 Ways A.I. Helps Businesses Improve Brand Image

4 Ways A.I. Helps Businesses Improve Brand Image

an image of a robotic face with glowing eyes surrounded by technical icons and graphs to signify how a.i. helps businesses improve brand image

Have you ever wondered why marketers have become obsessed with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? The answer is simple; because A.I. is making lives easier and convenient. Through its various applications across multiple industries, A.I. has impacted the growth of the global economy in a positive manner.

It is an obvious statement that businesses are striving and endeavoring to emboss their success permanently. They are working with determination to exemplify their brands as per the perception of their customers. And for this reason, they are willing to go beyond their comfort zone with sheer fortitude.

Here is a quick tip! Brands must not just attempt to make their customers delighted. They must actually go beyond their limits to provide them with exultant customer experience. And A.I. solutions are exactly what that can ensure that touch of bliss to make the target audience feel on cloud nine.

At the moment, A.I. is everywhere. It is inundating the market with innovative solutions. According to Tutorialspoint.com, artificial intelligence is a unique way of influencing a mere computer controlled robot to think intellectually. Currently, artificial intelligence powered solutions are not just penetrating the industry. It is in fact, transforming the industry and paving a way for revolutionary changes.

Google and Microsoft are the pioneers in evaluating the benefits of A.I. They were the first to embrace the change and realigned their brands to focus on A.I. tech. Alibaba, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Tencent are other leading brands to incorporate the change.

Blake Morgan; a senior article contributor on Forbes.com and a customer experience futurist claims that by the end of the year 2025, more than 95% of human interaction will be supported by A.I. only. It is also expected that by 2025, the A.I. industry will hit a benchmark of USD 190 Billion.

The essential and core functionality of A.I. is that it operates like a brain. It has the ability to not just learn but also develop learning mechanics through stimulations. Its neural networks can easily recognize and scrutinize the repetitive and rhythmic patterns. Due to their incredible ability, leading businesses are using artificial intelligence powered solutions to improve their brand image. Let’s take a look at how A.I. helps them do so.

1) Enhancement of Customer Service

an image of a man holding up a small technical robot surrounded by chat icons to signify how a.i. enhances customer service

No human on the Earth can work 24/7 without a break! Yet customers believe in this impossible and desire to have answers to their queries within minutes.

A report explains that 57% of the customers are always impatiently waiting for a response from the business. They prefer those businesses that can answer their queries within 30 minutes or an hour.

This can’t be possible with a human, therefore, here comes intervention by the robots. AI can support the human’s shortcomings easily! Artificial Intelligence is a highly advanced smart robot that can provide reliable answers, just like humans. What repeated stimulations and feeding scenarios in the system, A.I. powered solutions can provide answers to the customers easily.

A.I. chatbots are leading solutions organizations are using now. These chatbots can respond to customers 24/7 without getting tired or exhausted. The chatbots have natural language processing ability. Hence with their enhanced cognitive ability, they can easily comprehend the intent of the customer during communication.

2) Securing Customer Data

an image of a robot clicking on a lock displayed on a screen to signify how a.i. secures customer data

The reputation of a firm is always at stake, especially when it is concerned with the security of the data of its customers. Cybercrime is advancing across the globe more than ever. In a study conducted by TrustArc, more than 92% of American people are concerned about the breach of their data privacy.

It is a confirmed fact that those businesses that undergo leakage of sensitive information have low to none customer base. For this reason, businesses are now moving for more reliable and trustworthy solutions. Organizations are spending millions to avoid these scams and data violations.

But how A.I. can be beneficial in such theft? Artificial Intelligence is providing exceptional service in this regard to SMEs and enterprise-level businesses. The system now comes with A.I.-powered voice recognition or sound identification services. The recent facial detection services have also reduced data privacy concerns. With enough precautions, businesses can avoid cyber attacks and make data of the customers more secure than ever.

3) Management of Online Reputation

an image of a robotic hand holding up a technical globe that is surronded by social media icons to signify a.i. in online reputation management

Reputation is something that can either make a business or can destroy it forever. Customers tend to leave comments and reviews regarding business on social media platforms and review sites. Word of mouth can also affect the reputation of a brand.

A survey claims that nearly 41% of businesses have faced losses due to negative feedback. The survey also comments that more than 58% of the customers read online feedback on a business before physical visits. Another research proves that nearly 67% of the customers can actually get influenced by positive or negative comments.

Artificial Intelligence can help in this scenario. Organizations are using A.I. powered solutions to monitor online reputation. With their advanced algorithms, they can not only identify feedbacks but can also support in combating rumors and tittle-tattles.

4) Reduction in Operating Cost

an image of a human hand and robotic hand touching a technical dollar sign to signify operating cost reduction through a.i.

Innovations always provide solutions and save from the mess. Business functions that are streamlined with artificial intelligence can boost efficiency and enhance competence. This efficacy later leads to profit maximization. A.I. can effortlessly handle high volumes of workflow, something a human cannot do all the time. Due to this, businesses are generating more revenue more than before.

Automating the business cycle and workflow can cut back on the errors. It can also enhance the security of the work. Today, thousands of businesses are using automated services to reduce their operational costs. This leads to better revenue generation and enhanced efficiency at the workplace.

The Bottom Line

Some people believe that these A.I. solutions are going to replace humans and their jobs. We believe differently! While on one hand, these automated solutions have replaced jobs of 800,000 workers, however simultaneously, they have generated 3.5 million new opportunities as well.

A.I. is not an enemy and businesses that have integrated it are successful today. It is not suggested to believe something as harmful when in fact it is just helping. A.I. is definitely facilitating businesses in improving their brands and their image.