4 easy ways to improve your site's Google ranking

4 easy ways to improve your site’s Google ranking

4 easy ways to improve your site’s Google ranking

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SEO marketing is a solid job. Today ranking your website on the top searches is the pinnacle of online marketing success. With the revolutionary boost in digital marketing, everyone is focused on enhancing the popularity of their business on the internet. Sadly, a lot of people are hunting for shortcuts, but the truth of the matter is that SEO is something of a long game, and anybody offering fast results is just fooling around. Today millions of artists, bloggers and company owners are competing fiercely for the possibility of ranking their website on the first result page. Studies have been done over the years to determine how many clicks each website gets on the first page of Google. As per a survey, Google’s first page attracts 95 per cent of online traffic, with the rest of the pages receiving 5 per cent or less of the combined traffic volume. This means if you are not putting some efforts to rank on the first-page result of Google, you are missing on a huge audience.

This article will break down the measures needed to improve your visibility on the Google Search Engine Results (SERPs) list.

Know where you stand first:

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It is said that to reach somewhere; you need to know where you stand first. Similarly, to improve your Google search rank, you need to know the present position of your website. While the internet is loaded with expensive paid tools. You can use SEO analyzer.

In this example, the score underlined, is your websites’ score.

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Although any website can still be enhanced, we usually assume that websites with a score of 70 or higher are nicely designed and optimized for both search engines and users. This doesn’t mean the work is over. Instead, the website is primed for publicity or other advertising. Although Google makes big upgrade releases, the precise inner workings of the algorithm remain secret. It is vital to keep a check on these releases to update your website. According to Moz there are around 700-800 changes per year. And these changes keep on multiplying.

Improve page speed:

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Your website can deliver beautiful architecture, captivating content, and outstanding services and products, but all that could be lost if your site is too sluggish. Not only it will damage your site ranking, but it will also make you lose your customers because no one wants to wait for minutes. In 2010, Google announced the website’s speed as one of the main determinants of performance for desktop site and later on in 2018, and this factor became significant for the mobile version of websites too. Remember that there’s no lack of websites here because if yours doesn’t meet the needs of visitors, they’re going to go to another one. One study showed that 40 % of users leave a web site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile users are even less patient. Google has noticed that 53 per cent of mobile users leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

If you are looking for a few free tools, some of them are:

  1. Rigor
  2. WebPageTest
  3. YSlow
  4. Pingdom
  5. Google PageSpeed

Add backlinks:

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Simply stated, back linking means connecting someone else’s website with your website. Backlinks are necessarily more important for effective SEO of a website. Backlinks from trusted, relevant and overall good ranked websites are assumed to be the most attractive backlinks to be created, whereas backlinks from sites with spam and low scores are considered to be harmful backlinks.

Back linking your websites with other websites tell the crawlers that other highly ranked websites can vouch for your website and your, which then improves the rank of your website. In case you find looking for websites boring then you can use link explorer to see which backlinks your competitors are using.

Optimize images:

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Images make your websites beautiful and attractive, but if these images are not optimized, they might affect the speed of your website and eventually damage your Google rank. But if you want these photos to boost your SEO score, you need to make sure they are correctly configured. Page speed and SEO are interconnected, and this is a critical aspect of the success of your website. Many guests expect the website to load as soon as possible so if your images take to load, it might affect your website rank. Images also boost the experience of a user, so it is vital to make sure that every image you are using is optimized. Imagekit.io is a highly useful tool that you can use in order to add optimized images in your website content.

Local search optimization:

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In research, it was noticed that 60% of the people search “near me” when they are looking for day to day services. Customers throughout the world use their smartphones to check services that are near to them, which means if you haven’t optimized your website for local research, you might be losing many customers. To increase the chances of making the company feature in the related local searches, make sure you say your Google My Business page, include relevant material in Google Posts, list your business in the local directories, and increase your online credibility with excellent customer feedback.


Remember that your website and a million other websites on the internet are competing to rank themselves, but what will make your website stand out is search engine optimization. But also there is no need to get overwhelmed. If you follow the tips as mentioned above and do you research on SEO, you will make your way to the first page and who knows if your website it the top-ranked website on Google.